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A Dentist Or An Oral Surgeon: Who To Choose?

A Dentist Or An Oral Surgeon: Who To Choose?

Lifestyle, aging, junk food, aerated drinks, smoking and alcohol have led to a surge in the various dental issues people face. In most cases it is hard to identify the real cause of the issue. It leaves most people in a blur about 'why did their dentist recommend that they visit an oral surgeon in Clark?'. One must bring in the required clarity by knowing the difference between an oral surgeon and a dentist before choosing one.

Education and Specialization:

The education and specialization of an Oral Surgeon is different from that of a general dentist. While a general dentist has to complete a licensure exam to begin practice, an oral surgeon goes through anywhere between four and six years of surgical residency post their dentistry, after which they have to be certified by Commission on Dental Accreditation before they qualify to be surgeons.

Who can treat what?

A general dentist is medically qualified to assist you with treating dental problems like cavities, root canals, bleeding gums, sensitivity, crowning, veneers and other such procedures. They help with the overall upkeep and health of your teeth and gums.

An oral surgeon on the other hand is a trained medical professional who can assist with treatments that are complicated such as wisdom tooth extraction, restructuring the jaw line, reconstructive surgery of accident victims and procedures that would need specialized care.

Can they work together?

In many cases the general dentist and the oral surgeon may work together to help a patient complete the treatment. If a case demands a dentist to fix an implant but your bone structure is not sufficient to support it, then the dentist can work with a surgeon. He can graft the bone into your jawline for its successful completion.

Regarding Surgeries:

It is common for general dentists to also perform minor surgeries when needed in a procedure. The key differentiator between these surgeries is that while the dentist can perform them by numbing the area locally, the oral surgeon is also trained in anesthesia and sedation.

It is always advisable to consult a dentist in Clark before you visit a Dental Surgeon in Clark on your own. They can offer you the best Dental Services.

So whether it is a dentist you need or a surgeon, the Dental Surgeons at Clark have you covered. Moreover, dentists in Clark will guide you through the entire process and answer all queries about your treatment. We make things uncomplicated and easy for our patients.

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