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Emergency Dentist in Clark

Are you experiencing pain in your teeth or any painful dental issue? Don't worry, our Emergency Dentist in Clark is here to help you out. While unexpected dental problems arise from time to time, whether you play sports, took a fall, or experienced some other mishap or accident that can lead to tooth damage. At Lukenda Dental, we address some of the dental issues with emergency dental service.

Before jumping into the most common dental emergencies. First, let us know what dental emergency is all about.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Any injury to the mouth or teeth that may cause bleeding and wounds to the gums and facture teeth may require immediate medical attention. Mouth injuries can cause teeth to become broken, cracked, or knocked out. It is essential to see Emergency Dental Care in Clark. If left untreated, it can lead to significant complications. Here are some examples of dental emergencies where you should act quickly.

Types of Dental Emergency:

  • Cracked Tooth: There are several causes of a cracked tooth. Usually, it results from chewing hard foods, grinding your teeth at night, or naturally as you age. The common symptoms for cracked tooth are a pain when chewing or biting, sensitivity to heat or cold, and swelling of gums around the affected tooth.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: When your tooth gets knocked out, the nerves and blood vessels become damaged in the process. The most important thing you can do after you get knocked out is to get to the dentist as quickly as you can. Here are a few suggestions from our Emergency Dentist in Clark to improve the chances of saving your tooth:
    • Hold the tooth carefully
    • Rinse the tooth with water
    • Gently try to slip the tooth back into its socket
    • Keep the tooth moist and visit your dentist ASAP
  • Abscessed Tooth: A tooth abscessed is pus that's caused by a bacterial infection. The abscess occurs in different regions of the tooth. Usually, the signs and symptoms of a tooth abscess include:
    • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperature
    • Sensitivity to pressure on chewing
    • Swelling in your face
    • Fever and Difficulty in breathing

What Do to If You Need Emergency Dental Care in Clark, NJ

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, contact our Emergency Dentist in Clark immediately. According to the American Dental Association, most dentists set aside time in their schedule for patients with emergency dental care, so you may be able to see your patient right away. Once you've found our Dentist in Clark, they will evaluate the nature of your dental emergency and determine the best treatment option.

For more information about Emergency Dental Care in Clark, NJ, Call us at (732) 428-4080 and schedule an appointment today.

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