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How Are Dental Implants Affixed With Bone Grafting?

How Dental Implants Affixed With Bone Grafting? | Cranford

People have to go for dental implant treatment if they have lost their tooth due to some reason. The term dental implant is commonly used, but only a handful understands what it really entails. For the uninitiated, dental implant treatment and bone grafting go hand in hand. In our previous blog, we have explained how it is safe to visit a dentist office near you in Cranford .

When planning to proceed with this treatment, it is imperative to consult a dental implant dentist in Cranford, and discuss your concerns.

Understanding Bone Grafting:

When visiting a dentist or an implantologist for dental implants in Colonia you must enquire if bone grafting is required. There is nothing to be petrified of bone grafting. It is a normal procedure that goes on simultaneously with implants. It is a fairly common and routine procedure that is predictable and painless.

Significance of Bone Grafting:

It is a technique used by dental implant dentist in Rahway when a patient lacks the necessary amount of healthy natural bones to support the dental implants.

4 Reasons Natural Deficiency May Occur:

  1. Gum Disease:

    Natural bone loss is invariably seen in people suffering from various gum diseases, like gingivitis.

  2. Development Defects:

    Bone loss problems are also seen in people with developmental defects. This problem is usually by birth.

  3. Trauma or Face Injury:

    A person who has suffered trauma or face injury may also show the signs of natural bone loss in the jaw cavity.

  4. Space Left After Teeth Removal:

    When damaged teeth are removed, the jaw bone of adjacent teeth also gets loose after some time. It results in loss of jaw bone.

What to Expect in Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting by a dental implant dentist in Kenilworth, involves a surgical procedure where bones are rebuilt or repaired through bone tissue transplantation. It supports tissue with recreated bone. Bone graft is of different types. Depending on the extent of bone loss or damage, a suitable option is selected. Your search for dental implants near me in Colonia will help you find the best dentist in the area.

Socket Graft:

It is the most commonly used bone grafting option. After you have searched the internet with the keywords: "dental implants near me in Cranford", schedule an appointment with the dentist you chose. Ask the dentist about the kind of bone grafting procedure that would be required. The dental implant is done after 4-6 months of socket graft.

Lateral Ridge Preservation Graft:

In this type of grafting, the jawbone width is increased to such an extent that with dental implants in Cranford it gets easily accommodated. A human donor bone is required for this.


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